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was even a month clinton among folks who did not care for joe biden, when he left or smiled, their attention was on those smiles and not what mr. paul ryan was saying. i do not think joe biden's facial expressions heard at all. it is scranton joe. he will occasionally make a gas. -- a gaff. he is not on a teleprompter. he most. that is everything we complain about. they are on teleprompter as an art overly scripted. when you get a real person on -- biden, -- like joe biden i did not think there was any major gaffes. the end analysis is the biggest question is, did biden man age to lose the dial -- move the dial? i do not know. he clearly did a good job. i suspect he won the debate. did he move the dial? i do not know. i cannot imagine after watching this debate who is still undecided. these two men provided very articulate, well reasoned, to completely different reasons for where this is headed. >> students will have a chance to see all this up close and personal when the debate process makes its way to win university later in the month. thank you very much. >> always a plea
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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